CellFish – A Recharge Bot That Makes Sure You Never Run Out Of Balance

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Do you keep running out of balance in the middle of an important call? Your data runs out while on an important business Skype call? or While booking tickets for the most awaited movie? Are you waiting for someone to solve this frustrating problem? Then you got covered.

There is someone who really cares for you. All your worries are addressed to CellFish and they strained their brains to develop an innovative Recharge Bot that makes sure you never run out of Talktime or internet data or your old-style SMS packs.

CellFish is an intelligent application that knows when and what to recharge on your number. Their algorithms are designed to calculate your Data/Voice/SMS usage and keep track of real-time balance on your number. Whenever it detects that you are low on balance, It automatically draws money from your account and refills the wallet to give you a hassle-free mobile experience.



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At Tinkerix, they take the average Indian’s problems very seriously. They are a young company that wants to help take away the problems that you face in your daily life by using new technology to make life simple. So you have more time for your life! Their first product is a mobile bill management app called CellFish. It manages your mobile spend efficiently and reduces your total cost of mobile use. And the best of all? It does this silently. CellFish is a miser. It will spend as little as necessary so you have a smooth mobile user experience.


However, CellFish is not available to everyone yet. To be able to install and use this amazing app, There is something you might have to do.


1. Go to the Closed Beta, login with your PlayStore usine Google account and then click on the JOIN button on the page

2. Then come back here and click on this link to download the app: Link to register (If the above does not work)

Download using this single link Tinkerix Download (Use referral code 249 )


Author : Bharath


P.S :  IndusMagazine is in no way partnered with Tinkerix, and this article is genuinely a guest content.

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