Allo and Duo : Quick Update #1


A recent Redditor known to be a ‘third level beta tester’ for Google has revealed that Allo and Duo are going to be default apps in Android 7.0.

Since then XDA Developers network has been in contact with a trusted source regarding this matter which revealed few things to be considered against any unclear rumors.


  • First of all, there’s nothing like ‘third level testers’ but only Googler, Trusted Testers and Friends & Family do exist.
  • No app is being replaced by Allo and Duo but these are going to be extra apps.
  • Allo only supports messages from Allo at this time. Let’s hope for expansion in future.

They may be great apps but they are not supposed to replace Hangouts and Messenger completely. Instead the the functionalities may be combined to make it simple rather than switching between apps frequently. Anyways it’s totally a personal interest.

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