Edward Snowden To Build An Iphone Case To Protect From NSA


Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency contractor who was exiled from Russia for exposing NSA’s Mass Surveillance Program in 2013 is now working on something that gives you ‘the Real Privacy’.

In this Era of smart-things we totally rely on our smart devices for everything that we do every single minute. We not only use them but also totally believe that we are safe from any secret Spies, or Malwares when our trusted ‘Anti-Virus’ program says that the device is safe. But who would expect NSA to spy on them? But in reality they does.

Whether you know or not, NSA is spying on you. They are spying every single user’s activity. When Edward tried to expose it, he was suppressed. Now to help protect our privacy Edward Snowden building an IPhone case that prevents NSA to spy on you. The case is being developed in collaboration with Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang, A hardware hacker.

edward snowden iphone case

Smartphone is an important daily driver without which that the day would seem longer than ever. Besides that we are in a state of mind where we completely trust our devices and think that our privacy is totally in control.

If you think so, you’re completely wrong. Remember that whatever you send through your device should pass through a server that knows how to decrypt your message before reaching the actual supposed receiver.

This is what Edward Snowden doesn’t want to happen. That’s the reason he has been working on the case.

The case i particularly designed to detect whether or not someone’s spying on you at any time. If it finds an unwanted radio signal, It immediately shuts the phone down indicating that there was a spy on you. Currently there’s no perfectly running prototype, but it requires to connect the circuits in the SIM slot to test. However it is mentioned that a working prototype will be out by next year. First releases will be for IPhones only. But they say it can be modded to work with any smartphone.

This was released on 7.21.2016 i.e on Thusday during an event at MIT Media Lab,Wired. For  ore info check out the post by Wired.

Source : Wired

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