IPhone 7 Retail Release In September 2016

iphone 7

IPhone 7 Release news have been circulating all over the Geek Communities. Iphone fans got very excited by the tweet posted by Evan Blass(@evleaks) regarding the release date of IPhone 7. Earlier on 23rd July of 2016 he tweeted that IPhone 7 will be released in the week of September 12

This tweet raised a misconception about iphone 7 release among many people which made them think that he mentioned about the Launch event. But yesterday i.e at 1:27AM UTC(6:57 AM IST), he retweeted a follow up to the previous one mentioning that he was talking about the actual Retail Release but not the official launch event. He also specified the date would be September 16th rather than mentioning a rough date like before.

From these tweets we can expect the launch event to be on September 12th 2016 and the retail release of the IPhone to be on September 16th 2016.

This time IPhone 7 may not contain many hardware design changes whereas rumours so far tells us that Apple is going to remove 3.5mm jack replacing it with lightning port for both charging and connecting a pair or earphones of buds.

Let us believe that this is another business strategy to increase revenue by selling the ‘lightning to 3.5mm converter’ seperately and making it expensive like the other Apple accessories. However it will be great if they include one unit of it in the box.

ipone 7

Also the 4.7 Inch version may be packed with a better camera with an Optical Image Stabilization system. And in 5.5 inch variant A dual-lens may be added with a RAM memory upto 3GB.

This year it is expected that IPhones will have a better TSMC made A10 chip built-in.  8GB variant of IPhones may be removed replacing it with 32GB variant as the base version and maxing the higher variant to 256GB of internal memory. It also consists of higher LTE and Wi-Fi band and repositioned antennas.

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