Headphone Jack? It Can Be A Deal-Breaker

Innovation is what that makes a product stand out from its competitors and gain customers’ attention. There are people out there trying to improve their devices in every aspect to provide the best user experience. But sometimes, this Innovation can be a deal breaker. And you know what I’m talking about. Yeah! It’s iPhone 7 with no headphone jack.


Apple has released another version of their flagship device, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with some improvements in performance and with two great variants, iPhone 7 Jet Black & Matte Black.  This can be an exciting news, But, There’s something that can put you in a dilemma whether to pay for it or not. and that is the lack of a Headphone jack. Yes, Apple ruthlessly removed headphone jack from the iPhone 7 onwards. They claim that this was done on purpose to save space in the device where an extra chip can be fit into. That’s fine, But how are we gonna listen to music then? Well, there is a Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter which costs about $9 on Apple store. Now you don’t have a chance of charging your device while listening to the music if are one of that kind.

Removing headphone jack is not a great idea, But a brave one

Will users abandon Apple phones?

So far so good, Now this can be the real deal breaker for the Apple iPhone 7 which gives a chance for users to migrate to other flagships. Because most of them are adopted to the traditional 3.5mm jack, this sudden transition can make them feel uncomfortable. Soon after Apple said no jack, Its rivals started using it as their weapon to promote their business. Companies like Oneplus and Google already started mentioning about 3.5mm headphone jack in their commercials. Oneplus a few days ago tweeted saying “You have Headphones, #Oneplus3 has Headphone Jack, its no Rocket Science”

Also, In the new Google commercial, It is clearly and specifically mentioned about the headphone jack as a feature in their first flagship device Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Are we done? No, Not yet. Companies like Bragi, Hereplus, and even Samsung  came up with their cool completely wireless earbuds which can surprisingly do more than just playing music. And again Apple has provided a promotion strategy to these folks too.

Will this affect Apple in its future market? Certainly no!

Let us hope it will not. Just because it is tough for us to adapt to this change, It is not the end. Because some day later today, we may need to do the same with it. Apple has taken a brave step towards future without thinking how today is going to be, But with a hope to bring a change.


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Feature image source: Forbes.

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