Oneplus 3 RAM Problem Fixed Via OTA

oneplus 3 ram fix

Oneplus took a step further in improving their device by letting the beast work to its full capacity. It has now freed up Oneplus 3  RAM restrictions that had been a problem since it’s release.

Of course I found no negative reviews or criticism regarding the Oneplus 3 from everyone who actually tested the device, still I found few critics around me blaming the device for it’s ‘Uncapable RAM’ management issue. It is a fact that they actually don’t know that it is not just the hardware that a device requires to be lightning fast but also the software that makes the hardware functional. When Oneplus launched the device to the market, It depreciated the ability to store apps in background, And yeah there’s a reason for that too, It’s the Battery life. Everything that made people think that Oneplus 3 lags behind is because Oneplus  over thought about battery drain issues.

However, They’ve realized their mistake and provided an official fix to the RAM management issue. Rather than unofficial(Warranty destroyer) RAM fix, the official fix solved the problem among all the Oneplus 3 users and fans. According to PhoneArena the device has improved it’s performance drastically than before. In their tests, the device could store up to three heavy games, Facebook, Youtube, Music Player and Chrome with up to 15 tabs of heavy web pages which is more than anything to an average user. All this time none of the apps released ram and quickly returned to where it was left.

Being a mid range device, Oneplus 3 has given a tough competition to it’s big brothers in the market. Let us see how long this ‘Speed-Battle’ goes on.

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