Samsung Iris Scanner : Biometrics Taking The Lead #SamsungUnpacked2016


Samsung is back to the battle of Smart Devices with the launch of Galaxy Note 7. This time it’s not just a smartphone, but a Secure-Smartphone. Samsung has finally brought next-level of bio-metrics to their flagship device Note 7. Yes, they have included an Iris scanner in the device which is obviously used to scan the user’s eye to unlock the device.

Biometrics were a science-fiction theory about a decade ago, and now we have it in our hands simplifying our toughest tasks. There is a seperate sensor in the device to scan eyes instead of using front facing camera. It also uses an infrared sensor to work efficiently even in low light condition.

Befor proceeding further, If you wish to know completely about the device, Read about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 


Samsung Iris scanner

Samsung Iris Scanner is developed in order to make it usable in many situations including Samsung pay(Not in few countries yet). We can now pay at stores simply by glancing at the device. Iris scanner can now be used to login to your social accounts from the native Samsung browser. They have also included Samsung Pass to store passwords and use Iris scanner along with it to make the account details more secure.

samsung galaxy note 7 iris scanner

How Secure is it?

If you have ever used Fingerprint scanner as your unlock method, then I say Iris scanner is the only better replacement which provides security with comfort. Anyone can access our fingerprints while we are sleeping or when involved doing something. But it’s highly not possible to get access to our eye without noticing. So this is secure enough to protect your private data(Unless you’re a VIP and a hacker targets you :P). To unlock the device we first need to swipe up and then point the phone(Or the lens) towards our eye. This helps to prevent accidental unlocking when we glance at the device to check the time or a notification. Of course this is an extra layer of security. So now I hope you got your answer.

Smartphones are getting better and better everyday, Let us hope they keep improving the way we live. Very soon developers will inherit this Iris Scanner functionality into their applications making them more convenient to use.

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