Samsung kills the Galaxy Note 7;Production halted permanently.


galaxy-note-7-6gb-ramThe Galaxy Note 7 was the best Samsung phone ever made and it looked certain that it will be a huge hit just like the S7/S7 Edge. But bad days started for Samsung from August 24,after a report of a Galaxy Note 7 “exploding” made news and then many reports of exploding Note 7 started pouring in. A total of 35 reports as of September 1 were acknowledged by Samsung before it announced it’s recall.

The fault seemed to be in battery cell which caused fires due to some kind of short circuiting. Over 2.5 million units of Note 7,sold and unsold were recalled globally except in China where Samsung stated that the battery cell of units sold in China came from a different vendor instead of their own Samsung SDI. The company offered a refund or a replacement of the unit.

Strangely enough,owners weren’t quick enough in getting their device replaced and hence more reports of explosions started coming in. Thus the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) enforced a ban of using the Note 7 on flights.

Samsung was handling the recall well and people were happy with their replacements and then a few reports of over-heating and lose charge while charging reports came up. Samsung issued a statement regarding it as a manufacturing flaw and offered the concerned owners another replacement. The safe units had a black circular dot on the box and the battery icon was green in colour instead of the traditional white.

Earlier this week,things turned bitter as a Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville, Kentucky was evacuated when a ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 suddenly started emanating smoke and burned carpet flooring. Samsung acknowledged the incident and said they were investigating it and would release information later.Over the course of few days,six more reports of a safe Galaxy Note 7 exploding surfaced.

Samsung received a big blow when two of the US’ largest carriers,AT&T and T-Mobile announced they would be suspending sales of the Galaxy Note 7 amidst new reports of explosions. Sprint,US Cellular and Verizon followed in the footsteps of their competitors and halted the sales of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung was left with no option of selling their product in one of the key markets.

By this point,it was officially game over and a matter of days when Samsung would halt the production of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung issued a official statement earlier today to all of it’s retailers around the globe to stop the sales and replacement of the Galaxy Note 7. The official Note 7 site has also been upgraded in line with it’s statement. Samsung is now offering a refund or exchange with the S7/S7 Edge along with the price difference.

We feel pity for Samsung as the Note 7 could had tasted success just like the S7/S7 Edge but being a worldwide known company,it should have paid more attention to quality control. We are also glad the production has been permanently stopped as more people would now be safe from the potential injuries.

RIP Note 7!

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