Wearables Getting Smarter and Smaller

Wearables have remarkably developed since few decades. Day-after-day technology is improving in all aspects which includes not just great performance but also in terms of size. Size has a tremendous impact on development as increasing specs of a device is not only important aspect but making it as small and compact as possible is what makes it more appealing.

Earlier days wearables only include wrist watches or any other jewellery but science & technology changed it’s meaning. A wearable is now a piece of technology that technically sits on some part of your body. Smart watch is a best example for this. But in recent days, companies moved on to developing smart earphones which actually doubles the capabilities rather than just being able to listen to music connecting it to a smart phone or a media player.

Bragi, Here One, and Samsung are three of such companies who rolled out great models of smart earphones.

Bragi Dash

Bragi developed a pair of earphones that can perform way better than the normal earbuds. It has secure and comfort fit that stays in ears most of the time without slipping off. It provides a feel of listening the music with a virtual environment. While playing media, It actually grabs the sounds around to make us aware of surroundings without compromising the quality of audio. It has a beautiful design with LEDs light up according to the situation.


  1. Completely wireless
  2. Bluetooth 4.0
  3. 100 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  4. High Quality Speakers
  5. Audio Transparency
  6. Microphone
  7. Noise Isolation

Here One

Here One is another pair of Smart Earbuds which extends the capabilities to a little further. Unlike Bragi Dash these buds actually allow us to filter the sounds that we want to listen. It approaches through a layered listening method. While we are using it any sound can be filtered either not lo listen to it or to listen nothing except that sound. In a flight if I don’t want to listen to engine sound, I can simply filter it from our smartphone.


  1. Real World Sound Control.
  2. Wireless Streaming
  3. Smart Noise Filters
  4. Speech Amplification

Samsung IconX Gear

Samsung has been a leading company in the world that manufactures great smart devices like Phones, TVs and Smart watches. But in a recent release of Note 7 Samsung announced a new pair of earbuds with an improved technology. Rather than just concentrating on music,  Samsung has evolved  the current smart earbuds with additional facilities like no other top manufacturer have in their products.

Samsung IconX can also be used to listen to music and filter noise around you which you don’t want to hear. In additional IconX provides capability to measure our heart beat, Track activity and other such stuff.  Apart from these it is obviously designed for music and lets hope a good sound quality.



Features are same as Bragi Dash and Here One, zbut IconX has

  1. Bluetooth 4.1
  2. 4GB internal storage
  3. Water Resistant
  4. Heart Rate Tracker
  5. Activity tracker
  6. Impressive Design
  7. Comfortable fit.

What all they are able to do now may not be same tomorrow. They may be changed or improvised to make our lives more safe & secure.

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