WhatsApp Now With Video Calling Challenges Google Duo and Facetime

WhatsApp is now even better, Competition is now even tougher. Video calling is one of a requirement to many users these days as speed network is getting cheaper than ever. It may soon be cheaper to buy an internet pack than a McDonald’s burger. Haha! This may be a joke, But WhatsApp Video Call isn’t anymore.


WhatsApp has traveled a long way from sending text messages to Voice call.It did not end there, It is now capable of making a video call than just a voice call. But wait, Don’t get too excited and rush to Play Store to download as you may not yet receive that update. This is because it is currently available only for Beta users and they are trying to make sure there will be fewer cases of call failures by the time it is available to everyone.

WhatsApp Video Calling is a rival feature to the apps like Facetime for ios which is very old and stable to the Google Duo which is new to the market, yet gaining great attention. WhatsApp planted the deepest pillar in the category, and now it is pushing it deeper by adding guts for a challenging popular video calling services like Skype, IMO, Google Duo, Facetime etc.,


whatsapp-video-calling       whatsapp-video-calling


WhatsApp is taking every step carefully after researching what users need. It now has everything what every user needs in their lives. You can send text messages with beautiful emojis, Share files and media of any type, Share locations, Make voice calls, Now even video calls.

I said it’s in beta and not available for everyone in play store, But as usual, You can install WhatsApp version 2.16.318 directly using APK file to get access to this feature.

WhatsApp with video calling download links:

Download WhatsApp 2.16.324 

Download WhatsApp 2.16.318 

What more does a common user require for his daily routine? What do you need? Let us know by commenting below or on our social profiles.



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