Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare Storyline, Sledgehammer’s Brainchild

Call of duty has become the most common game in a household of almost anyone who plays. Its franchise has grown into something larger than life. This video game is published by Activision. But the main focus is on the developer, Sledgehammer Games. Even though High Moon Studios developed the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, the next gen and PC is all Sledgehammer.

This game is just second to Call of Duty 2 to be changed in development and built from scratch. The story they were working before was set up during Vietnam War. Advance Warfare removed its normal fast pace shoot and run gameplay.

The new story is leaped into the future, setting it up between 2054 and 2061.It includes private military, politics, weapons of mass destruction and many others just like in real. Popular actors like Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker are the villain and hero respectively.

The story is perfectly set up with Jack Mitchell played by Kevin Spacey in the US Marine. But in a mission losses his best friend Will is critically injured, amputating his hand. After attending Will’s funeral, he is offered a position in Atlas, a private military army run by Jonathan Irons played by Kevin Spacey who is also Will’s father and is also given a prosthetic arm. A terrorist group named the KVA destroys all the nuclear power plants worldwide. After all the countries military has failed, the Atlas is now helping countries with highest biddings. Jack is then trained and given an Exo-Suit. This game is set in many cities like Seoul, Baghdad, California etc.



This game removed its HUD using its player is holographic projections from the weapon equipped. Now Exo Suits (or) Exoskeletons are like the best things that can happen. Exo movements like boosting, dash and sky jump are performed by these Exoskeletons. This game allows you to select what kind of weapon you want contradictory to its previous games. Exo abilities like Exo Clock allows players to hide by becoming transparent for a period of time. But sometimes your suits can be hacked and temporarily disabled.

After each mission a player is given a chance to upgrade their suit by some upgrade points. A total of 22 points to update 12 aspects of suit, to achieve other points you can do other side missions. But this one is mainly popular for its multiplayer. Exoskeleton cannot only be used for movement but can also be used for killing others using the environment to your advantage.


Exo Survival is another mode of game allowing up to four players to a match against CPU controlled enemies. Here they can use upto four classes of Exo suits. If they complete the objective they get upgrade points but if you fail your suits are temporarily disabled as punishment.

Like almost every Call of Duty game this one has Exo Zombies. It is in the form of a DLC pack. It has five brand new characters to play with. Different types of zombies are present in the game, including Charger zombies that have increased movement speed, and Electro-magnetic zombies that can disable the players’ Exo suit in close proximity. It has 4 maps. The game ends with Jack realizing that Irons is behind all these attacks and should be stopped. Jack destroys Atlas, including headquarters killing Irons.

This game is definitely is a full of Call of Duty, but the new features and great graphics and visuals with great story and gameplay makes this an unforgotten experience. If you are looking for a new or first Call of Duty game then I recommend you to play Advance Warfare. I loved it and am sure you are going to love it too.


Author Bio: Shaik Rafae is a writer who loves the gaming industry and is a proud Gamer and owner of an Xbox one. He is also a full-time  student pursuing B.Tech in CSE with a passion towards Writing and Gaming.

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