PlayDead Inside : The Scariest Indie Game


How do you judge if a game is a great one? For me personally, the ones which let me think about them after completing the game are the ones which are great. Inside is one among them.

Indie games have always been underrated, even though they have a special place in the hearts of the Gamers. PLAYDEAD is an independent video game developers which was founded in 2006 and incorporated in 2008.This is the second game published by this developers after the game LIMBO in 2010. Similar to LIMBO, PLAYDEAD INSIDE is also a 2.5D game. This is a game where after the opening name credit, do not expect any words till the closing credits. There are no instructions in this game. This game is a puzzle solving game.

It is one of those rare games that has to be experienced firsthand in order to understand its importance. It is difficult to find a game as good as this one. This game starts with a boy in the red shirt sliding down through a rock, and we make our journey through the darkness. The first thing I learned was to stay away from the light. If spotted, You are captured or killed. As you process you come through a device, which is a mind controlling device used to control “Soul-less grey people”. Like every puzzle solving game, this one relies heavily on this object.

From chasing water monsters to mind controlled pigs, INSIDE gives you scare jumps and Goosebumps you have never experienced. Fascinatingly whenever a threat arrives you manage to escape it by the skin of your teeth.


Kudos to the sound effects which give this game the depth it has. Not giving much spoilers, the game ends when the boy gets absorbed into a blob and the blob escapes from “INSIDE”. There is an Alternate Ending if you destroy all power orbs and go to the cornfield. You reach a mind control device plugged to the computers, when you pull the plug, you turn into one of those “Soul-less grey people”. This game is small with gameplay less than 4 hours, But this game manages you to keep you at the edge of your seat. I personally recommend to finish the game at one go to get the full effect of it.


At the end of the game you sit there with many unanswered questions, which makes this game that much better. So the best indie game might be an understatement to what INSIDE delivers. It has received a great response from both the gamers and the critics with critics like IGN,Polygon,Gamespot etc naming it a “masterpiece”. This is one you all must play.


INSIDE has already released for Windows and Xbox One. PlayStation 4 release date is set for 23rd August 2016.


Author Bio: Shaik Rafae is a writer who loves the gaming industry and is a proud Gamer and owner of an Xbox one. He is also a full-time  student pursuing B.Tech in CSE with a passion towards Writing and Gaming.

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