Watch Dogs: A Unique Hacking Experience

First I would like to address the matter that this game is very very different from GTA V. You can’t just compare these two games. GTA V and Watch Dogs are both massive open world games, but the elements of each of them have a different feel to it. Where GTA V focused more on the storyline and character build. Watch dogs storyline is very intruding and depends more on the environment.

Watch dogs is cleverly made game about a vigilante Aiden, A Hacker. This guy hacks systems to rob banks with his partner meets an expected circumstances when another hacker traces them down and kills his niece.

After that Aiden goes on the path to avenge her death. The game revolves about how he uses ctOS to find and kill the person who ordered the hit.

This game is a frictional version of Chicago. It was announced in 2012 and was released in 2014 and was greatly hyped. This game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal is a huge success. According to statistics, till 1st January 2015 ten million copies were sold.

It’s story is great but the side missions are so exiting to say the least. Its special modes are varied from killing aliens in VR to operating a giant spider. The main advantage was that the single player world and the multiplayer were put together on the same platform. So when you are playing a single player mission and are online there is a chance that an online player is going to challenge you. The multiplayer has any missions from a fixer contract to robbing the file. It may be annoying at times but it is mostly fun.

watch dogs

By accessing the ctOS the player can interact with traffic lights to cause an accident, burst pipelines, lift bridges etc. The combat is normally fun, by using guns and going all out you can kill everyone but that’s the easy way. The smart way is the most fun way. Interacting with the cameras we can mark the enemies after that you can either activate the explosion in their phones or distract them or block them to call reinforcements. It has so many pipes to explode that you can play this game without firing much.

The hacking mechanism is a problem solving one and changes every time but has great rewards too. This game has changed the way we look at hacking now a days. We can access to profiler for scanning people, hack them to get their bank details or private messages and fight crime. The game end is highly dramatic and with the help of Jodi, Clara and T-Bone you finally kill the person behind the attack and your former partner Damien.

The driving in this game is not that good. It has weak car chase scenes but these flaws are made up by other stuff so that you are too involved it the game itself.

This game is a Must play for gamers who love open world and exciting and innovative missions. But if you are looking for a driving experience you may be slightly disappointed. Overall a different experience is what makes this game unique.

Author Bio: Shaik Rafae is a writer who loves the gaming industry and is a proud Gamer and owner of an Xbox one. He is also a full-time  student pursuing B.Tech in CSE with a passion towards Writing and Gaming.

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Watch Dogs

5.1 Exciting experience

This is an exciting game that puts you in a virtual geeky world.

Graphics 9.0
Storyline 7.5
Gameplay Experience 8.9
Reader Rating: (4 votes) 8.4




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