How To Choose A Best Web Hosting Service Provider

eb Hosting is a very important aspect of any website small or big.  Before starting your own business website, or a personal blog you need to have a checklist of some of the important features any hosting provider has.  By considering these as ‘important’ I mean that the quality and  performance of your website depends on these attributes. Searching for the best cheap web hosting is what any website owner does every time before paying for it.

Here is the checklist I told you about:

Domain Provider: Domain is the URL that we use to access any website. Without a good domain setup, a website cannot be at it’s best. Namecheap provides best cheap web hosting and domain services for as cheap as you can afford to spend.

Namecheap.comReputation: The reputation of the hosting provider plays an important role while choosing whether to buy their service. This replicates how the previous users feel about the provider’s services. If the company is less reputed it may not be a good idea to go for them. However, sometimes this situation may be little tricky  when thinking about a new provider just starting up who has fewer users. You may consider trying out with their cheapest plan to see how their service is.

Popularity: This may sound similar to Reputation, but Popularity and Reputation are two different paths to the destination. Reputation as said, comes from the reviews of previous users. Whereas, Popularity can be achieved even by spending dollars for Promotion & Marketing. If a site is popular that doesn’t mean it will provide you a great service. So choosing wisely between a well reputed and a popular provider is an important step to save your wallet.

Uptime & Reliability:  Uptime can be defined as the time your website is available to your users. In normal words, It is just the time your site is working perfectly and is available to access. No provider can guarantee and 100% uptime, But at least choose the ones who provides the maximum.

Performance: If you found a provider with the three of the features mentioned above, You must be almost ready to buy your hosting, But here comes the biggest problem which many website owners face during the site maintenance, Speed, and Performance. 

A good host should be able to provide the best experience not just to the site owners, but also to the readers. They may be online for about 300 days a year, but without a great speed or at least good speed, it is almost equal to a site that is down.  No viewer can spend 5 minutes just to see the site load. Of course speed of the site not only depends on the provider but also depends on how the website is set up. There are many concepts to be learned to provide the fastest loading experience.

Customer Support: You may sometimes have difficult times with your website. No matter how good you are at solving things, you may end up messing things up. This is why choosing a provider with good customer support is very important. This is something you must not compromise about.

Security & Protection: After all you’ve been through so far, You must have found a hosting provider that can make your site the best in the internet world. But did you consider thinking about how secure your website is going to be? Did you confirm whether your provider will secure your website? If not, consider doing it without any delay. No matter how popular your website is, there will be attacks almost every day trying to access your data.  One of the common types of attack is DDOS(Dedicated Denial Of Service). Feel free to contact their support to confirm these details.  Now that you know everything about a good Hosting Provider, Be excited to get your website online.

If you have made it till now, that means you trusted on me. Let me not break that trust. Here’s something great to know about. Namecheap, A best cheap web hosting service provider with all the required tools to set up a perfectly working website without any hassle. They provide their services at a low price and also a great Customer Service via Email, Support Ticket, and more importantly their Live Chat support provides a great customer service experience with waiting time less than a minute.

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Namecheap, A Best Web Service Provider


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