The cause of Samsung Note 7 fires has been revealed


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Samsung has experienced both the good and bad the previous year. The good with the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge sales and the bad with the Note 7s catching fires. The bad turned worse when the replaced units also started catching fire. Finally after months of testing with 700 researches on more than 2,00,000 Note 7 and 30,000 batteries,Samsung has finally identified the cause of the very embarrassing debacle.

Samsung had held a press conference on Monday in Seoul,South Korea for publicly revealing the cause. Dong-jin Koh, Samsung’s mobile business chief, acknowledged two separate instances of battery malfunctions were to blame for some of the handsets catching fire.

According to Samsung, the first set of batteries were affected by a design flaw in the upper right corner. The electrodes which should have been in straight lines were instead bend sideways in the upper right corner leading to abnormalities causing fires.

In lithium ion batteries,the positive electrode and the negative electrodes are separated by a protective layer. The absence or a puncture in this protective layer causes the two opposite electrodes to get in direct contact with each other which leads to short circuits. This was the case with the second set of batteries in the replacement units of Note 7.

Replacement batteries were affected by “abnormally high welding bars that formed during the ultra-sonic welding process to attach the positive tab. Due to the high-welding bars, penetration of the insulation tape and the separator resulted in direct contact with the negative electrode. In addition, we found a number of batteries that were missing the insulation tape.”

Source: Samsung Newsroom

Samsung did a very excellent job in handling the debacle as 96% of the 3 million Note 7 have been returned. It shipped fire proof boxes to consumers and retailers for the safe transportation of recalled Note 7s. Dong-jin Koh also apologised to the consumers and suppliers for the inconvenience and has devised new 8 point battery test in it’s quality test. Samsung has also uploaded a new short video about the Note 7 shortly after the press conference.



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