E3 2016 Highlights Bethesda- Part #2(Contd.,)


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2. Bethesda


After  EA, it is time for Bethesda.For many fans, Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference was one of the highlights of the show. The double whammy of a 15-minute Doom reveal and Fallout 4’s big release date surprise made for some of the best moments of the entire show … and that only covers a fraction of what Bethesda had on offer. Bethesda certainly had quite a lot to show at this year’s E3 2016 press conference – and there was more than one reveal that caught everyone off guard.




Bethesda didn’t have too much to say about Quake: Champions – more is set to be revealed at QuakeCon later this year – but the team did share a few details about the game.

Firstly, the game is being designed for PC only – Bethesda made no mention of a console port whatsoever. Quake: Champions won’t be a straight multiplayer arena shooter.


Sadly, there’s been no mention of the game’s release date just yet.



Bethesda took a moment to update fans on The Elder Scrolls: Legends, though there    wasn’t much to go on. Bethesda did confirm that the game would receive a proper story mode, and that they’re be a big focus on player choice .

Legends still doesn’t have a concrete launch date, though Bethesda did confirm that the game would be headed to mobile platforms alongside the PC release.




The primary focus was on the second set of DLC expansions: the “Contraptions Workshop” update will add in player-made machinery and gadgets, while the “Vault-Tec Workshop” update will give gamers the power to create and maintain their own underground Vaults. The game’s final expansion, “Nuka-World,” only got a short teaser trailer during the showcase.

For Fallout Shelter, a new update will allow players to create recon parties and send them out on quests. Not only that, but Fallout Shelter will be hitting PCs this July!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

sky-rimAs was previously rumored, the entire game is being overhauled for newer hardware, including remastered lighting and effects. Not only that, but Skyrim mods will be available on consoles, seemingly in a similar fashion to Fallout 4. 

Other than that, Bethesda was relatively hush-hush on what gamers can expect to see – thankfully, the team did confirm that Skyrim: Special Edition is due out this October.

Prey (2017)


The current version of Prey takes place in 2032. Players take on the role of a test subject on the mysterious Talos 1 space station – it’s not long before things go wrong, and players are forced to try and discover what was really happening on the station, all while avoiding the vicious alien presence that’s taken over.

Nothing was shown in terms of gameplay.Plus, the game actually has a release window now: Bethesda has promised that the game will be due out sometime in 2017, and that more information will be available at QuakeCon later this year.


The team confirm that new SnapMap updates would be on the way (including the ability to     build levels in Hell), and the game’s first premium DLC pack would be arriving soon with all of the content you’d expect. The only thing missing were release dates.

  Dishonored 2


Dishonored 2 takes place fifteen years after the original, with players assuming one of two roles: Corvo Attano, the assassin from the first game, or his daughter Emily Kaldwin. Each character has unique skills and upgrades, as well as a voice – considering Corvo’s lack of conversation skills in the first game, it’s a big upgrade.

Of course, when it comes to tracking said targets, both Emily and Corvo have plenty of new options. Bethesda promised revamped skill trees for both characters, and Emily will have her own, entirely unique set of abilities. The gameplay is very good I terms of graphics and abilities of the characters

Finally, Bethesda confirmed that Dishonored 2 will hit later this year: the game is due out on Nov. 11.



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