The New Chromecast Ultra Is Feature Rich, With 4K And HDR


If you love to stream the all new Science Fiction movies with stunning VFX in your Ultra HD television, Then here is the latest Chromecast Ultra with 4K streaming i.e Ultra High Definition and HDR streaming.


Crisp & Clear: 

Google claims that this new chromecast can now stream Ultra HD and HDR content with Dolby Digital audio. They are going to bring more 4K content to Youtube, Netflix, Vudu. It will receive Google Play Movies & TV with UHD content very soon.

Better Networking, Now with Ethernet:

To stream Ultra HD content, the network should be amazingly fast. To make this possible Google has made some improvements in Wifi. Sometimes there may be some problems with Wifi and to overcome such situations, Google added Ethernet facility to the Chromecast Ultra.

All the Native Features are still there:

The new Chromecast carries the Legacy from the older one. It can be used to stream music and videos from Smartphone using Chromecast app, or apps ready to work with Chromecast. Also the tabs from Google Chrome can be directly streamed to the Chromecast TV.

Compatible with Google Home: 

Google Home is an all new Home assistant device with integrated Google Assistant that can help you sort things out just like Google Now in your android phone. You can ask it to play music, get news, search movies and much more.


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