Oneplus 3 : The Legacy Continues With Improvements

oneplus 3


Oneplus is here again in the SmartPhone market with it’s all new Flagship phone Oneplus 3. It did not take too long for the Chinese startup to gain the required attention of smart users to buy their releases. Infact their Invite system for their first three phones brought all this #Hype. Now that we know Oneplus manufactures great phones, there is no more a need for an invite system. Oneplus has released their new Flagship Oneplus 3 with an impressive enhancements from their previous models.



Oneplus 3 comes with a great new design with a premium graded aluminium alloy making it light weighted and stronger than before. More importantly it feels premium in hand. They claims it to be the thinnest of all flagships with 7.3mm thickness. However it slightly represents HTC from the back and Iphones from bottom. But it doesn’t matter, because the device looks cool.

oneplus 3

The camera is slightly projected from the body with a new design. It is packed in  with a 16MP sensor with a great auto focus. It not only has an Optical Image Stabilisation(OIS) but also an Electronic Image Stabilisation(EIS) technology.



As already mentioned it has great internal specs that makes the device more exciting to grab. This NFC enabled smartphone consists of a Snapdragon 820 QuadCore chip with a lightning fast processing speed, An Adreno 530 graphics with a capability of handling intense gaming for gamers. To handle all these great processes, An enormous 6GBs of RAM is added to the device which makes it stand out among all the other Flagships from companies like Samsung, LG, HTC and even Apple.  Coming to the fingerprint sensor, It is the second fastest after the Iphone 6S’s TouchID. Oneplus 2 has a record of 0.3 seconds to unlock using a fingerprint, So let us expect a faster unlocking in Oneplus 3


Dash Charge is  another feature added to the device enabling it to charge faster than ever.  It charges the device at an ultimate rate than a normal charge.

Less time in Socket, More time in Pocket

63% of charge in just 30 Minutes



No doubt that Oneplus has a great display besides being ‘Not and UltraHD’ panel. It has rich color experience even though it’s not a 2K or 4K display. It is a 5.5 Inch Full HD 1080p Optic Amoled display. If you place it beside an S7, you wouldn’t find great difference among the two display, however it cannot beat the S7’s UHD Amoled panels. It does look better for such a price range.

oneplus 3 display

What’s Inside

OxygenOS is what makes the device perform at a eye-catching speeds with great task management. Latest OxygenOS is build over Android Marshmallow which looks almost like the naive stock android. But ofcourse it has additional tweaks like recent app locking, Oneplus Shelf, A Dark Mode, Touch Gestures, and many more. The device with such a specs combined with software like OxygenOS created a rocking Smartphone.

P.S: Samsung supplied AMOLED display panels to Oneplus which are used in Oneplus 3. However Samsung doesn’t want them to be called as Super AMOLED, and hence they are called ‘Optic AMOLED’

Image source: Knowyourmobile

Featured Image by : TechRadar

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