Samsung Galaxy Note 7:All you need to know


The next Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flagship is less than 3 days away that is it will be launching on August 2, 8:30pm IST at Unpacked 2016 in New York. Samsung will be broadcasting the event live here. Note 7 is expected to be released on the same day in some markets.

There have been numerous leaks about how the next Note will look and what will be underneath the hood. Samsung is going to skip to Note 7 directly so there won’t be a Note 6. Now that’s a move we appreciate as for example after Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 was launched which kind of looked a phone that is more outdated than a S6 and also caused some confusion in fans and customer.

Dual Edge Displays

Samsung will be for the first time bringing dual edge displays to the Note lineup which surely will increase the aesthetics of the phone. We have already seen three Galaxy S phones which dual edge so Samsung might believe now it’s a good time for bringing dual edge displays to Note lineup.



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New Features

With a fingerprint scanner,Samsung will also be implementing a iris scanner. Samsung filed numerous patents of iris scanner in the past and we are happy that Samsung will be bringing the technology to it’s customers. In a leaked video we can see the iris scanner in action and it’s insanely fast. Though there are limitations in using it as it can’t be used with people wearing glasses which is a downer as you can see here.


Source: Android Authority


The next big change? Samsung is expected to ditch micro-USB port for a USB Type-C port. So we can expect faster charging speed,high speed data transfer,etc. So all those micro-USB cables you accumulated over the years will go useless but that’s a compromise you got to make for a better and newer technology. Now this type of port may make the Gear VR incompatible so Samsung will be launching a 2nd generation Gear VR headset with a USB Type-C(or maybe micro-USB too). Samsung is very bad in keeping secrets and press render images of the 2nd gen Gear VR has also been leaked giving us a good idea on how it will look. Though changes look minimal with all black colour and of course a USB Type-C port.


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We expect to get a bigger battery compared to the Note 5. Rumors of a 4,000 mAh battery had everyone excited but the latest leaks let us down. It seems the next Note is going with 3,500 mAh battery,which is 100 mAh less than the S7 Edge but we hope Samsung optimizes the software for a better battery life. Fast wired and wireless charging are expected to be part of the package.


We believe Note 7 will continue with same 12-megapixel rear camera as the S7/S7 Edge as they are among the best in the market. We hope for an upgrade from the front 5-megapixel camera as that seems to be outdated and is also making it’s way to the Samsung’s budget phones so a upgraded camera is highly appreciated.


Rumor mill had it that there was going to be a 6GB of RAM but the latest leak suggests it continues with 4GB of RAM. But there is going to be a 64GB base variant and also an expansion slot for those who want some more memory. The processor doesn’t seem to get a drastic change. US and China may get a Snapdragon 823(an overclocked Snapdragon 820) while other markets may get Exynos 8893(an overclocked Exynos 8890).


As for software is concerned,Android 7.0 Nougat would have been better but most likely we will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Samsung has implemented a new Grace UI which brings more Material Design touches and Samsung has also claimed that the Grace UI will be better at productivity compared to the previous Note.

S Pen

Now about the feature that makes the Galaxy Note the “Note” – S Pen. Now there haven’t been any rumors or leaks regarding the S Pen and we can’t even imagine what new will be there to the stylus. The S Pen of Note 5 was already at it’s finest and we aren’t sure what changes will be made to the already fine pen.


Source: Sammobile


The Note 7 will be offered in four colors: Silver Titanium,Gold Platinum,Coral Blue,Black Onyx. Fancy names eh? The blue color is unlike the one seen on Galaxy S5 and it goes along well with Note and we aren’t complaining about it.


Source: Techdroider


Source: Seeko


The price for the Note 7 haven’t been confirmed but we expect that Samsung prices it at around Rs.67,000 which makes it look like a costly affair but that seems to be worth for a feature packed phone. Note 7 has already been up for pre-order in Dubai by making a deposit of AED500(approx. Rs.9100) as reported by Sammobile and Samsung also offers a free 128GB micro-SD card for those who pre-order in Dubai.



Source: Sammobile


Now we know almost every detail about the next Note and we wait to see what surprise Samsung has for us. We hope that Samsung again makes extra-ordinary sales as was with the S7/S7 Edge and no doubt the next Note will be a spectacular phone.


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