Reset WordPress Plugins Via Database Directly Without Accessing Dashboard


WordPress is a most commonly used software to start and run a website without much effort. It’s robust performance makes it more exciting to use. It provides end-less facilities to the users from all perspectives. It has plugins for everything you need and for every plugin we get technical support too.

It has unlimited ways to customize which includes feature addition and theme modification. There are many sites offering free and premium themes and plugins developed by experienced developers. WordPress besides being user friendly also creates problems sometimes like other softwares if not managed properly. One of such problem comes with plugins that change the default login URL. In this case, one of the plugin you’ve installed might have changed the admin login URL and you have no way to login to Dashboard and deactivate it. Even if you know the plugin that might have caused the problem, you can’t disable it.

Alright, Let me tell you a good news! Even if you cannot access dashboard but have access to Database, you can Reset WordPress Plugins. For this you need to login to phpMyAdmin control panel. Here’s what you need to do next:

1.Go to cpanel and login to phpmyadmin and open the database for your website/blog.


2.In the left pane, you see all the tables in the database. Find ‘wp_options’.


3.In the right side, you find all the records in the Options(wp_options) table. Search of ‘active_plugins’ record. When you’re done finding, simply remove everything in the ‘value’ field to reset wordpress plugins. This disables all the plugins that are active.


That’s it. You’ve disabled all the plugins. Now go to the default login page and do what you want to.

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